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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Central And Greater London

With Zeenat Ahmed Peto

As an experienced teacher and trainer, I use NLP techniques to support and enhance the learning and experience of education of both pupils and teachers. I also employ a range of techniques, including NLP to support clients in my private practice.

Coaching can be used as a methodology to promote change, heal past issues or to enhance one's current or future situation. I work with clients from a variety of backgrounds to support and enrich their daily experience of life, using a holistic approach rather than using a set of 'tools'. I aim every day to work with integrity and embody the deepest lessons I continue to learn from studying NLP. I am constantly learning from everywhere and all of the time.

An area of special interest for me is in supporting others who are experiencing or have experienced chronic or repetitive health issues. Pain is an indicator designed to let you know that there is something going on in your body - but sometimes you have received the message and are still experiencing the pain. I would love to help you explore this further and help to facilitate your healing journey.

Name: Zeenat Ahmed-Peto

Phone: 07961 389 030



Country/Area: Central And Greater London