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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Belfast, Northern Ireland

With Simon Smith

Simon Smith is a Master Results Coach whose entire focus is on helping his clients achieve their personal and professional goals. But this is not some open-ended, woolly series of pats on the back. Simon’s approach is tightly structured and results orientated. He has many years’ commercial experience within the private sector, so he sets specific goals with each client and works towards achieving them within agreed timescales.

We will help you to: overcome your fears; identify what holds you back; understand what motivates you; clarify where your talents really lie; create plans for your future; discover your purpose; and, move on to the life you really want.

Drawing on the key strands of our Personal and Breakthrough coaching sessions, Simon Smith Corporate Coaching is tailored specifically to help corporate level decision makers maintain clarity and cohesion in their thoughts and actions, and to dispel negative or self limiting belief systems.

Simon Smith is a coach, trainer, speaker and author. Having been involved in corporate life for 24 years in a variety of senior commercial and operational roles, and after relocating to Northern Ireland in 2004, Simon discovered his passions were focussed on supporting people in being who they really are. He is certified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Master Results Coach, Performance Consultant, Advanced Neurological Repatterning and an Accredited Inspired Coach with The Institute of Human Development. In addition he is a Certified Facilitator of The Passion Test, a member of the Chartered Management Institute and the Institute of Hospitality respectively. He has trained with some of the world leaders in transformational leadership and personal development, including Jack Canfield, Chris and Janet Attwood, Hale Dwoskin, Adrian Gilpin, Marcia Martin and Christopher Howard.

Simon’s passions include “giving and contributing to others in a way that makes significant difference to their lives” and “being around like minded people passionate about their own journeys of discovery”. He uses his skills as a coach, trainer, speaker and author to ensure he stays aligned with his passions on an everyday basis.

Name: Simon Smith

Phone: 028 9048 8673



Country/Area: Belfast, Northern Ireland