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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Israel In Person, Worldwide By Phone/Skype

With Jason Demant Success Coaching

Where would you like to be?

What are the changes you would like to make?

From career direction, raising your confidence, stress management to balancing all that life throws at you, coaching with me will help you achieve success in all aspects of your life.

I am a counselor, life coach, and NLP practitioner. I live in Jerusalem, Israel and coach over the phone or via skype. I also run groups to help people quit smoking and lose weight. Send me an email and let's get you motivated and moving towards where you want to be.

I am also a rabbi and coach people who may be finding religion or spirituality difficult or who have recently decided to leave the faith community in which they grew up.

Wherever you are and wherever you want to go, I'll help you plan how to get there and support you on your journey. I am a dedicated worker and will work to ensure you reach the goals you set. Get in touch and let's start making those changes today.

A client said about me: Jason helped me tremendously to refocus and re-center myself. I feel much more confident that I will succeed because of his help. He instilled in me confidence that I will successfully earn a living from my profession… It appears that his words were prophetic because it's likely to happen exactly as we discussed. Michael, Jerusalem. Israel.

Email me and have a free session (under no further obligation) and see the benefits coaching will give you. Get in touch - let's start moving you closer to your dreams today.

Name: Jason Demant - Success Coaching

Phone: +97252 633 5062



Country/Area: Israel In Person, Worldwide By Phone/Skype