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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in London

With Fiona Struthers


I am an experienced professional coach, master practitioner of NLP and hypnotherapist.

I am a life member of The Coaching Academy with whom I trained to diploma level.

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and am bound by their code of ethics. This is also applicable to my coaching work. ( I continue to study and attend seminars, workshops and other training on that which is relevant to my work. I am currently researching the possibility of enrolling in a masters in cognitive behavioural therapy this is of growing interest to me.

In addition to this much of my learning and inspiration continues to come to me from my clients.

My background is in the corporate world as an analyst but a growing interest in psychology and a desire to work with people in a supportive capacity led me to retrain as a Coach in 2003. This in turn led me to complete further training in NLP and hypnotherapy. I find using a combination of these techniques in my work to be extremely effective in helping clients achieve their goals.

With regards to what could be called my "style" of work, I consider myself to be jargon free, not without a sense of humour, down to earth but imaginative and genuinely interested in my clients. I am not here to judge or to diagnose or to provide answers, but rather to listen, ask questions which facilitate insight, provoke reflection or challenge limiting beliefs my clients may have. Whether the sessions are required to compliment ongoing work with a specialist (in the case of eating disorders, for example) or more simply for some space to reflect on a particular issue such as contemplating a career change I respect at all times that my clients are individual and believe that this is reflected in my approach.

I believe

- That what and how we think shapes our experience of the world
- That change begins with how we think
- That my clients are resourceful, creative and capable and my role is to help them access this inherent resourcefulness
- That much of what holds us back are limiting beliefs installed early on and that it can be worthwhile to challenge these beliefs
- That change is possible

The first meeting is used to discuss what you want to work on in our sessions together and what you hope to acheive. It is a chance for us to make sure we feel we can work together and to cover practicalities such as fees and timing of sessions.

Name: Fiona Struthers

Phone: 07816564866



Country/Area: London