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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in East Anglia And London

With Bo Davis

NLP is a realistic and effective methodology which helps us learn how to think and communicate more effectively with others. It offers a selection of useful tools and techniques centred on communication and change.

I am a NLP Master Practitioner, trained in Clinical Hypnotherapy, TFT(Thought Field Therapy), Regression and Time Line Therapy. I am also a qualified Personal and Professional Life Coach Practitioner. I can offer the support, encouragement and clarity needed to create positive life changes. I have specific interest and experience in supporting Creatives, Career Change, Confidence and low self esteem issues and the Targets of Workplace Bullying. I can help you in dealing with phobias and fears, coping with and removing stress, increasing motivation, goal setting and achievement.

My background as a College Lecturer and Artist/Designer means I operate professionally with honesty, integrity and have a creative approach. I am a "people person" and believe in supporting you to achieve the results you want with empathy and understanding.

Name: Bo Davis

Phone: 07932039818



Country/Area: East Anglia And London