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NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming in Devon

With Amantha King

Amantha is an NLP Practitioner and NLP Coach who works extensively with leadership and teams. A graduate in Applied Biology with 12 years experience working for a global Pharmaceutical company.

A dynamic individual with strong experience in both private and public sector environments, Amantha delivers a pragmatic approach to learning and development that will ensure you achieve the right outcome for your organisation.

Focussed on the individual and passionate about diversity, she tailors all coaching to provide maximum support with the necessary challenge to achieve your organisations outcomes. She uses a variety of techniques to assist each session including, GROW Model, experiential learning, role-play, strategy elicitation, Time Lineļæ½, Outcome setting, Values elicitation, Meta-Model Questioning, Cause and Effect. All these are overlapped with a genuine passion and enthusiasm for personal development and excellence.

Amantha has used her NLP skills to achieve success in previous roles within the pharmaceutical industry. Amantha thrives on openly engaging with clients to identify their personal models of success and how they can be used to create high performing teams. Amantha is also able to use her extensive NLP skills with established teams that require new challenges and insights to improve their performances further.

Within such teams, challenging and resistant individuals present positive opportunities to uncover and deal with anger, emotion and limiting decisions. Reframing these emotions gives the client a positive perspective of their past that allows them to take their new learning’s and utilise them appropriately in future situations.

Through Amantha’s ability to stay centred on the client at all times whilst anchored to the organisations outcomes, she is able to integrate both parties using their collective values and form generative working partnerships. Amantha embraces opportunities to work with professionals and their teams.

Name: Amantha King

Phone: 07935353300



Country/Area: Devon