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With Adie DeCoursey

Do you want to make a change in your life? Perhaps you have a fear or phobia that’s really holding you back? Could you do with a boost of motivation or confidence, or to learn a set of life-changing communication skills that will help you get to where you really want to be at work? Perhaps you’ve begun to wonder if the way that you’re thinking – about yourself, other people, or even life – isn’t doing you any favours, and that you’d like a new approach.

When used with skill and practice, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a precise set of tools for understanding "how we do what we do". With it, you can recognise the patterns you follow when you perform effectively, both personally and with others.

In our sessions I will work with you to help you to spot those patterns, and to reinforce them. You’ll explore principles and skills that might be new to you, and learn how to use them to enhance your existing talents, and break through any barriers that you’re facing. You’ll learn by experience, have lots of fun, and progress more quickly than you can imagine.

A bit about me: my passion is helping people to meet their personal and organisational objectives, and to exceed their own expectations. As well as an experienced coach, I am a Licensed Trainer, Master Practitioner and Business Master Practitioner of NLP, and I’ve worked alongside some of the world’s leading coaches and trainers, including Richard Bandler (Creator of NLP) and Paul McKenna. Please give me a call to discuss whether NLP or coaching might be right for you.

“Adie’s commitment and enthusiasm towards helping me overcome my phobia of public speaking is something that I will always remember. He went out of his way to take me through the process and did not give up until we were both satisfied that I had reached my goal. I have worked with others in the past; however, I found that this was a totally different experience.

Since returning to work, I have been able to present in front of an audience in a more confident and relaxed manner. I am now able to think of my fear of public speaking as a feeling of excitement.

He made me feel at ease. He came across as a true professional and a really genuine guy who wants to help others succeed” Sheila Burton, Manager, Royal & Sun Alliance, Merseyside

“Adie maintains a sense of contagious calmness - which keeps him "ahead of the now" in all situations; even the most hectic. He has a unique charm of standing back and taking everything in, whilst still keeping his finger on the pulse and a great sense of humour and a personable approach. Adie knows people - how they work, how to help them change and how to make them feel good. And he gets results. I have seen him slickly remove someone’s deep-rooted fear of spiders in a matter of minutes and completely open up the potential of that person’s life. Yet he is pleasantly humble with his successes and continues to learn and develop." Michelle Loughney, Director, Fetch Ltd

“Comparing myself to three months ago, I am now unrecognisable. My sales figures have more than quadrupled; I have a new car, lots of bonus and a pay rise. Adie must take a lot of credit for that. The whole experience was completely different to anything I've ever done before. I cannot impress on anyone enough how it has helped me develop my communication skills and my ability to read people and influence them. With the excellent coaching, everything I have learned has become second nature. In addition, this has had knock-on benefits way beyond my professional life." Pete Brownley, Senior Construction Consultant, The Works

Name: Adie DeCoursey

Phone: +44 (0) 20 78703654



Country/Area: UK, Worldwide