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Personal Life Coaching in UK North East

With Yepperson Coaching

Congratulations! You're thinking about coaching, you've taken the first step on the journey and are trying to find out "what is it? And is it for me?"

Let me help you find some answers... ... .... I'll tell you a little about Yepperson and a little about coaching.

Yepperson is a boutique style coaching practice with over 20 years experience in dealing with people and their issues. These people have been all ages from all walks of life, Business leaders through to teenagers. Basically anyone who wants to release their potential.

Yepperson do not deal in off the shelf products or approaches to coaching sessions. And that's important to us. It's also important that yepperson coaches take part in supervision groups. This means that skills are continuously updated and developed to ensure that you get the best possible coaching experience.

The yepperson approach is highly individualized and tailored to suit your needs and your schedule. We use telecoaching on a national basis, which means that wherever you are in the country, you can benefit from yepperson coaching. We also use face to face coaching within our area. Don't be put off by the idea of doing your coaching over the phone; it's brilliantly powerful and convenient.

Coaching is relevant to everyone but is more powerful to a willing coachee.

How do you think you will benefit from coaching?

Coaching is a technique which allows people to realize their potential and achieve more of what they want from themselves their lives and their careers.

A typical coaching programme is based in a contract and is made up of either one or a number of sessions suitably spaced out in time. Programmes can run on a weekly or monthly basis - it's your choice.

Sessions can last from 1 to 2 hours and are framed in confidentiality. This means that you can trust your coach, your discussions are private.

During the sessions the coachee will experience various tools and techniques which are used to help visualize and verbalize issues and identify solutions or different approaches. We will always ask your permission to use a particular technique or tool, it's your coaching session, and you're in charge.

Coaching has been proven to lead to better performance at work or a more fulfilling time in general - that's a fact!

If you would like to arrange a more detailed discussion call on 07747802711 or e mail us at

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