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Personal Life Coaching in Northants/Cambridgeshire, UK

With The Inspiration Centre

We all want to see our dreams come true. We want to be successful in our careers and our personal lives. Yet often we either get swept up in the pace of modern life – or we get stuck in the eddies of our fears and limiting beliefs.

I know that you can achieve anything you want to – provided you believe that you can. My greatest joy is to see people break through their boundaries and self imposed limitations to create the life they truly deserve. I can help you build massive confidence and self esteem as you work towards your dreams and goals as part of a life coaching programme.

I can provide life coaching for businesses and for individuals, either face to face or by telephone. I can also assist you in breaking through barriers:

· Destroy fears and phobias
· Eliminate limiting beliefs
· Build self confidence
· Resolve inner conflicts
· Create inner peace and freedom
· Improve relationships

… preparing you for incredible achievement, using NLP and hypnotherapy as either a short therapy or as a longer 'Breakthrough' session.

I also have solutions that will help you quit smoking or lose weight, improve your memory or help you relax.

Name: The Inspiration Centre

Phone: 08456101460



Country/Area: Northants/Cambridgeshire, UK