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Personal Life Coaching in UK/ Midlands

With The Fabulous Coaching Company

If life is a journey, what is your destination? How much are you enjoying the trip? How much do you feel that diversions have taken you away from the things that are important to you?

I work with professional women who are passionate about discovering what their destination is and creating a great journey along the way. After all, it's no good getting to the end of your journey only to discover that you are so tired from the way that you took the journey, that the destination is no fun!

I am passionate about helping women to live a more fabulous life - hence the name of my coaching company!

About my coaching.

As a coach I will work with you on a 3-step process to help you achieve whatever you set out to.

- The Groundwork will build awareness of the values that make life important to you, what has brought you to a time where you feel you want change, and understanding the reality of where you are now.

- The Planning will see you setting goals that are in line with your values, so that you are able to make choices that empower your life & relationships.

- The Journey will take you from theoretical plans into tactical actions, the "doing the do" that will challenge you to play that bigger game that you know you are capable of.

Here is what some of my client's have said about me.

"Her sessions are very uplifting for anyone who is seeking a new direction and is feeling stuck or unconfident about approaching new goals. On many occasions I was really surprised at how Claire managed to help me find my own solutions by using her techniques to turn my thinking around" RP, Notts

"Coaching with Claire has been like having someone hold a beacon of light out in front of me as I embarked on a journey which was, in the beginning cloudy and confusing. Her skills as coach and her qualities as a fabulous person have bought out the very best in me and my journey is now littered with the million and one beacons of light she has left me with. Thanks Claire, you have made an amazing difference to my life and work." SK Manchester

About me.

An accredited coach through The Coaching Academy I am also a member of the International Coach Federation. As well as my coaching practice, I create handcrafted greetings cards that I sell through local galleries, shops & craft fairs, and I love sharing my creativity with others. I also work full time in the financial services industry, which gives me hands on experience of the corporate arena.

To learn more.

You can find information in more depth on my personal website at You can also contact me via email at, or call me (evening hours) on 07815 091039 or 01949 837247, when we can set up a complimentary initial consultation.

Name: The Fabulous Coaching Company

Phone: 01949 837247



Country/Area: UK/ Midlands