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Personal Life Coaching in Worldwide, Telephone, Skype, London UK

With The Law Of Attraction Centre International

Tracy Friend and Michael James are leading authorities on the Law of Attraction whose profound yet practical teachings have touched the lives of thousands across the UK and US. They are co-founders of the Law of Attraction Centre (, the largest community of ‘Living the Law of Attraction’ in Europe.

According to the Law of Attraction your thoughts create your reality, so everything that everyone is living and experiencing is as a result of the thoughts that they are thinking.

Tracy Friend and Michael James pioneering, intuitive and practical approaches will answer your questions and encourage you to live your best life. In an uplifting environment, you will be inspired and empowered to realise your potential, release unwanted habits of thought and move into well-being on all subjects. Michael James and Tracy Friend have witnessed impressive and often dramatic results across many subjects including addictions, health, self-esteem and many more. They have individually been described as ‘teachers of teachers’, with clients including leading professionals in the fields of health & well-being, business and sport. For a large collection of testimonials please see:

What can I expect from a consultation?
• A safe, non-judgemental environment which allows each person to clarify their own individual goals & intentions and talk freely and openly.
• Self-imposed limitations or blocks are identified and support and gentle, intuitive guidance is offered to allow a rising above these limitations.
• Being taught simple tools designed to assist you in utilizing the power of your mind to positively transform your thinking, to improve the quality of your life experience and turn your dreams into reality.
• Coaching is available on the phone, online and in person.
• Online coaching is available anywhere in the world.

Three month and sixth month coaching packages include ‘Aligning With Your Dreams’, ‘Opening To Abundance’, ‘Law of Attraction and Love Relationships’, ‘Physical Well-Being’, ‘Body Confidence’ and ‘Increasing Business Success With The Law of Attraction’.

All of the three and sixth month coaching packages include:
• Templates for doing the Law of Attraction practices emailed to you in PDF format.
• Law of Attraction practices set to do in-between sessions are an essential part of these packages.
• Free email support for five emails per month for the period of the coaching.

Name: The Law Of Attraction Centre International

Phone: +44 (0) 7733 228243



Country/Area: Worldwide, Telephone, Skype, London UK