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Personal Life Coaching in Glasgow

With Susanne Smith

Six Week Coaching facilitates positive growth in working-age clients who have had a long period off work due to stress or illness and who want to reevaluate their career, reduce stress, rebuild their confidence and increase their happiness.

Work/life coaching is designed to help you build confidence, reduce stress and increase happiness. We work together to discover your strengths and get you back on track and building a positive and fulfilling life, after a long period of stress or illness. Work/life coaching can help you:

- reduce stress
- rebuild confidence
- regain mental energy
- overcome obstacles to success
- reevaluate your purpose and define life goals.

It's a real challenge to keep going with your work and family commitments when you are experiencing debilitating fatigue or stress. Both give you severe brain fog, affecting your ability to concentrate, to remember, to organise yourself and make decisions and just to physically get up and out of the house each day. That's aside from the massive impact on your social life.

Many clients do keep going, but reach an impasse and can't work anymore. Furthermore, they often find themselves questioning their lives and how they've got to this point. I coached myself through this situation and am now helping others to see beyond their own obstacles to success and work on their own life goals.

Name: Susanne Smith

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