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Personal Life Coaching in United Kingdom

With Shelley Breakell

About Me

My name is Shelley, I am based in Stamford, Lincolnshire and have three beautiful children. I am 32 years old which is relatively young for a life coach, so why should you use me? What can you possibly get from one so young? The simple answer, I may be young but the experience I have gained through trauma, conflict, abuse and total loss of hope, focus and clarity has given me a depth of understanding that I am truly thankful for, for it allows me to see people as they deserve to be seen. I am grateful for my past because it has created an empathy that I would not have developed had it not been so hard. I see beauty and potential in everyone. I see people for the true, unique and wonderful souls that they are. I see you without judgement or opinion. I am no more than you, I am no less than you……My biggest wish for anyone is for them to come to the point where they can look in the mirror and say “yes I love you”, to wake up each morning with a smile because the day ahead of them is filled with hope and to go to bed each night peaceful in the knowledge they are on the right path.

One very important thing to tell you about myself is that I am not a therapist or a counsellor. I am a life coach with a firm belief that we all possess the power within us to unravel our own problems and to begin to take positive steps forward as we discover that we can achieve our own personal goals. We may simply need someone to help us turn to look in the right direction, to help us to de-clutter our minds, to help us to see and understand that many of our negative beliefs we hold about ourselves are not our own and to help us realise exactly how powerful we are.

Name: Shelley Breakell

Phone: +447961945399



Country/Area: United Kingdom