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Personal Life Coaching in W2 London

With Sharron Ward


Sharron Ward” Psychotherapist & Life Coach;

Of course who I am has to be important to you. Why would you expose your personal vulnerabilities to someone you didn’t trust and believe in? The dynamics of our relationship will form the platform of change for you, so it is a huge issue who your coach is and if they will suit you. I am a Senior Psychotherapist, Personal Development Coach, Group Facilitator, Trainer in Psychosocial Mental Health, and Stress Management with 20 years experience working with individuals, groups, families and couples of all ages and many varied cultural and religious backgrounds. My base is in the UK but over the years I have lived and worked in Europe, United States, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. The work will always be tailored to your personal needs. That need may be coaching and assisting you in re-designing your future, clarifying your goals, building on your strengths and ability to perform with ease. OR, if your looking to challenge deep seated old patterns of behaviour to inspire change in your life, then you may require a journey of psychotherapy – a more structured journey.


A free of charge 50 minute assessment for all new clients.


I am a registered member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy UKCP & CCPE. I trained for 5 years in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and have run a general practice for 19 years. During that time, I have specialised in   building self-confidence and self esteem, crisis management, personal relationships, lesbian and gay, cross cultural psychology, and war & disaster related trauma. People from all walks of life come to see me with various issues to resolve.


 My philosophy? Respect - Equality - Empowerment. Working together toward developing insight authenticity and a range of qualities to enhance your life.  


Personal Coaching


Do you need to become more inspired, intuitive and creative? Maybe you need to work on being more authentic, objective, open hearted, successful, loveable or loving? Personal Coaching an ideal forum for focusing on that transition.


With Personal Coaching, you’re entering into a conversation, a dialogue, whereby you and your coach interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve your goals and enhance your performance both personally and professionally.


The coaching relationship creates space for reflection of the bigger picture.  Your Personal Coach enables you to direct your focus and build belief through rational strategies that will, accelerate your momentum and fulfill your goals effortlessly. Your Personal Coach will do that by drawing out your potential through a reflective and flexible relationship that will resolve seemingly difficult issues quickly.


You will experience improvements in:

  • Personal and Professional relationships.

  • Career direction and development,

  • Management, and leadership,

  • Entrepreneurialism,

  • Life skills, confidence, self image

  • Personal fulfillment, life-balance,

 Coaching approaches used will vary depending on individual needs.

  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Coaching is particularly helpful in dealing with negative thought patterns, stress, depression and anxiety or dissatisfaction and limitations caused by self-image.

  • Solution focused or GOAL focused coaching for clients who want motivation in work and relationship performance




Psychotherapy is a therapeutic relationship with a qualified professional on a journey of self-discovery that leads to change”.


The process is focused on helping you indentify, heal and learn more constructive ways to deal with the problems or issues within your life. Psychotherapy is an effective, safe and confidential process. It challenges old ingrained patterns of behaviour, confronting painful past experiences and works towards inspiring change.


Emotional and psychological difficulties and disorders can encompass a wide range of symptoms and derive from a huge variety of circumstances, situations and events. Common presenting issues: depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, various behavioural disorders that leading on to relationship problems, dysfunctional behavior, self-esteem, confidence, gender and cross cultural issues.


Psychotherapy approach is a mixture of CBT, Humanistic and Integrative and Psycho Dynamic styles, it is straight forward, no jargon and confidential.


The Logistics


Most personal coaching can be conducted on the telephone. For several reasons coaching is just as effective over the telephone as it is face-to-face. In fact, many clients prefer it. This makes the process very convenient for the client, and it offers greater flexibility for people with a busy lifestyle. Coaching using the telephone offers other obvious advantages of being able to be conducted wherever coach and client happen to be - anywhere in the world. In addition; on-line back up support via text and email is inclusive. All psychotherapy is offered on a one to one setting.  

  • Additional one to one appointments can be arranged to suit.

  • All session are typically 50 minutes in length

  • All sessions are completely confidential


Training, Qualifications & Experience


Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy CCPE London Training of Trainers RedRUK

Personal Security in Emergencies RedRUK Public Health in Emergencies RedRUK

Essentials in Humanitarian Practice RedRUK Stress Management RedRUK

Gender Based Violence RedRUK People and Project Management RedRSL

DSM1V Diagnostic Training, CCPE London Anxiety, Mood, OCD, Eating Disorders Refresher CCPE London Cert in treatment of PTSD St John of God Hospital Sydney


Areas of life coaching I deal with


  • Career

  • Confidence/Self-Belief

  • Finances/Money

  • Health

  • Leadership

  • Personal Development

  • Relationships

  • Retirement

  • Spirituality

  • Staff/Business

  • Stress

  • Work/Life Balance


Other areas of life coaching I deal with


Post Traumatic Stress Anxiety and Stress related problems / disorders Gay Lesbian and Bi-Sexual issues Loss, Grief Personal training and Coaching Plans



Personal Coaching 1 x session £75
Psychotherapy 1 x session £75
Skype Consultations 1 x session£75

For special block booking deals - visit



Further Information




Sharron is a driven, focused dedicated professional with vision that she imparts with transparency and clarity. She has deep compassion for her clients and her colleagues and works from a basis of sound clinical knowledge of the intricacies of human relationships. Sharron's high level of insight and ability are impressive and in short supply in the Clinical Managerial sector. If the opportunity arose, I would work with Sharron again without hesitation.” October 27, 2011


Cath Spense, Art Psychotherapist,, reported to Sharron at REFUGEES AS SURVIVORS

  • Online, email or telephone life coaching available

  • Face to face life coaching available


Member Organisation(s) UKCP,CCPE.

Name: Sharron Ward

Phone: 07974203335



Country/Area: W2 London