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Personal Life Coaching in United Kingdom / Kent

With Sarah Christie

My name is Sarah Christie and I am a qualified life coach with Coaching & Mentoring International. I am also in the process of becoming an NLP Practitioner. My company is called Effective Outcomes, so hopefully you know what the end result of telephone coaching with me will be! Having experienced coaching myself, I know how powerful it is. In only 6 months my life changed out of all recognition and I have never looked back. Despite my fear of failure and thinking very timidly about what I could achieve, I am now running my own coaching business and writing a self-help book, one of my lifetime cherished ambitions. I am also about to launch some motivational workshops because I want to help and inspire others to get their livs back on track, with some meaning and purpose. I am passionate about coaching and wish I'd known about it ten years ago! I am 40 and although it took me a while, I got there in the end - and so can you. With coach! ing I would have got there a lot sooner but I have no regrets. Coaching has taught me how to combine all my past experience and skills into what I do today - nothing is wasted. Although I coach anyone on anything and you don't have to have a problem to be coached, I specialise in what I can relate to: helping people overcome their fear of failure or fear in general. My other passions are raising self-esteem, improving levels of confidence and transforming negative self-beliefs into empowering ones. I love helping people set powerful goals that propel them towards their longed for future. To re-design your life is just about the most inspiring thing you can do and I urge everyone who is unhappy with life to give coaching a try. You won't regret it but you'll definitely wish you'd tried it years ago!

Name: Sarah Christie

Phone: 01622 816806



Country/Area: United Kingdom / Kent