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Personal Life Coaching in United Kingdom

With Rob Woollen

Whilst I hold a number of accredited coaching qualifications, my sincere belief is that it is my
journey to where I am today that qualifies me to help you achieve your potential.

Hard to believe for a triathlete, but I was actually a quite sickly child. Chronic asthma left me unable to participate in school sports with the exception of swimming. I suppose I have been making up for this ever since. What it did teach me was the power of belief. Whilst I am sure there is a medical reason for the disappearance of my asthma, it was the willingness and belief in myself that led me to realise that I could run, and then that I could do triathlon - right up to Ironman distance.

Having left both home and school at the age of sixteen, I worked my way up the construction management ladder from labourer to assistant engineer and upwards. When I finally left the industry after twelve years I was an award-winning regional engineer for a main contracting firm and had managed teams of graduate engineers on large projects.The only problem was that as a very conscientious person in a highly responsible job, I often ended up doing things like driving over to site on Boxing Day to take pictures of inadequate building works before they were covered up.

My decision to start my own business as a personal trainer came from a deep interest in human performance. I had already successfully trained many family and friends to complete 10km runs, triathlons and adventure races, and had turned down a lot of offers for paid personal training work. The turnaround point in my life came at 11pm one evening when I was sitting on my floor with a calculator and a construction drawing on one side of me and my dinner on the other. I turned to my wife and said, "This cannot be right."

We immediately made plans to finish the project I was working on and set up a business doing what I love. I had some money from the sale of a property in London and was able to pay for the "Gold Standard" YMCA training course. Once started the business has continued to grow from strength to strength as I acquire ever more satisfied customers and now have four trainers on my books.

So why the move to Life Coaching? It stems from my commitment to personal development. It was actually some years ago that I took my first coaching certification, completing the Certificate in Personal Performance Coaching with the Coaching Academy. At the time I had no intention of using the skills on their own, simply intending to add a new element to my personal training practice. I then trained under Jimmy Petruzzi, the NLP specialist and author who travels with the British Olympic team and England Rugby squad. What he taught me changed my approach to fitness motivation greatly, but it was not until a client asked me if I could use the techniques for non-sporting applications that I realised what I was missing. I tried a technique for her and we were both amazed at the results.

I went on to gain various other coaching certificates and have coached many clients who originally came to me through personal training. The decision to open this as a separate enterprise simply allows me to help more people - some of whom may be put off by the personal training connection

Name: Rob Woollen

Phone: 07966475510



Country/Area: United Kingdom