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Personal Life Coaching in Cheshire, England

With Rhian Wakefield L.C.H Dip.

My training has enabled me to be able to extract from my clients, their needs and desires, to investigate whether there is a true desire or something that they may think they should be doing. We then find the best options to enable their client to achieve anything they desire. My clients are coached either via the telephone or in person.

I came into the profession by chance, as a child I suffered a trauma, which in turn caused bouts of depression throughout my teens and early twenties. After counselling, although I had accepted what had happened and I had dealt with those feelings, I felt unable to move on with my life until I had help from a life coach, who taught me to look forward and set and attain goals for myself, I can trully say I have never looked back and go from strength to strength. I love my work, not only has it transformed me and my life, but I now gain great pleasure from helping others do the same.

Name: Rhian Wakefield L.C.H Dip.

Phone: 0161 456 1064 or 07791 300919



Country/Area: Cheshire, England