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Personal Life Coaching in West London

With Polly Steele

I provide one on one life coaching. I specialise in young people but my clients are from 14yrs-75yrs. I also can train groups to boost self confidence and self development.
I am trained in NLP techniques but these are used in conjunction with other coaching skills.

My sessions are generally one hour long and fees are on a sliding scale.

I tend to work out of my home but other venues can be arranged.

For the last 20yrs I have been a film director, working both in documentaries and film. But over the years, I began to realise that the people that I worked with were becoming more important to me than the films I was making. It was at this point that I decided to train as a life coach. I still work in film but I spend most of my time working with young people and adults encouraging them to move forward in life with courage and believe in their dreams and to set about achieving them.

I also organise courses to boost self confidence and self developemnt.

A 2 day course called WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT DO YOU WANT?
find out who you are outside of your own family, community and work place, help you to develop your desired outcomes. How to maintain a state of control, self confidence. How to know what your values are.

Name: Polly Steele

Phone: 00 447847349566



Country/Area: West London