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Personal Life Coaching in Oxford

With Peter Townshend

The championing of the individual can only be achieved by the championing of both intellect and emotion. This is the central belief of The Four Zoas.

In an industry too reliant on superficial theory and in need of an empirical model that gauges direct results, The Four Zoas has created an approach to the development of individuals that is both unique and measurable. It is an approach rooted firmly in theory, knowledge and methodology with proven, pragmatic evidence.

By adhering to principles inherent in academic research, the organisation believes it can not only offer a fresh approach to both corporate and individual development, but also counter the alarming trend of unqualified personnel offering development services.

Weaving together the latest techniques in coaching, bibliotherapy and facilitation, with extensive knowledge in English Literature and academia, together with a solid knowledge of psychology, The Four Zoas offers a service that engages both century�s old wisdom as well as leading contemporary thought.

The company offers clients:
� Corporate Coaching
� Training
� Life Coaching
� Bibliocoaching
� Facilitation
� Conflict resolution
� Creativity development
� Writing courses and poetic expression exercises

A CTI-trained coach with an honours degree in Media Studies and a Masters Degree in English Literature, The Four Zoas founder Peter Townshend is determined to see knowledge-based coaching becoming a standard in the personal development industry. To this end, his current research in Bibliotherapy, as part of a PhD through the University of Pretoria, provides valuable and meaningful research for the advancement of The Four Zoas� knowledge-based ideals.

Name: Peter Townshend

Phone: N/A



Country/Area: Oxford