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Personal Life Coaching in Bromley, Kent, Surrey, Sussex And London


My name is Patrick and I'm a BTEC qualified life coach based in Kent and London.

I have a large amount of experience working with company executives and senior managers, including sales teams and sales team management.

As an actor, singer and theatre director I can also appreciate the demands of stage and every day scenarios of speaking in public, whether at a conference meeting or a Wedding day speech.

Like most of us, I've had my ups and downs in life and I now use my experience and coaching methods to help others understand, encourage, empower and move forward.

My strengths as a coach are honesty, integrity and genuine care. My leadership is based on respect and the ability to keeping focused on the goals at hand. I have good perception and forward thinking for all life skills and together with being a good listener with empathy and warmth, will coach you in an uncomplicated and straight forward manner.

People sometimes confuse coaching with counselling, but the two are very different. In counselling people tend to have previous issues or problems which need resolving, so the emphasis is often on the past. Life coaching focuses on the future and how best to achieve goals.

Call me for a 45 minute session - Free of charge (No obligation)

Phone: 01689 602 415



Phone: 01689 602 415



Country/Area: Bromley, Kent, Surrey, Sussex And London