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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Nynke Brett, Founder Of Namla Coaching

Do any of these sound familiar?

* You�re juggling too many balls in the air and need to focus on a better work-life balance
* You've been frenetically running around and need to slow down and regain a sense of purpose in life
* You feel at a cross roads in your career and don�t know which choices to make
* You want to prioritise the next steps in developing your business, or career
* You want to have a healthier lifestyle
* You want to increase your confidence
* You spend more time doing things to please others than yourself
* You want to build more fulfilling relationships with those around you
* You spend more time focusing on what you don�t want for yourself than on what you do

You've come to the right place because Namla Coaching can help.

The role of your coach is to help you identify an area in your life that is a concern, articulate it into a specific goal and then help you break it down into realistic achievable actions. Coaching works on the understanding that you already have the resources you need within you. Your coach helps you access these resources to ensure you explore all the available options and possibilities.

At Namla Coaching we will support and challenge you. We will work with you to identify any limiting beliefs and resistance to success and well being and help you overcome them. We will be your sounding board to discuss ideas, perspectives and solutions. The outcome is to generate an action plan which you will go away with and put into practice to achieve the ultimate quality of life you dream of.

Fees are very reasonable and based on ability to pay and individual circumstances. Please call for a no-obligation chat about how coaching can help you. All information you give us is completely confidential. For full details see


Name: Nynke Brett, Founder Of Namla Coaching

Phone: 447812786099



Country/Area: London