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Personal Life Coaching in Warwickshire, UK

With Coaching Achievement Nicky Michelmore

I work with people to unlock their potential so that they can maximise their performance at work or in their personal lives.

If you have any personal or professional challenges that you would like to accomplish successfully and you think that you would benefit from someone who will enable you to move forward and achieve your goals then I would be pleased to hear from you.

My role is to enable you to:

*Develop,prioritise and action your personal and profesional goals
*Improve your decision-making
*Eliminate work-life stressors to achieve a work-life balance
*Improve your confidence
*Overcome performance fears
*Improve communications at work
*Improve your job satifaction
*Improve relationships with peers

My degree in Psychology has given me a deeper understanding of how people can learn to make positive changes in their lives.This understanding has been further enhanced by my coaching training (accredited by the European Coaching Institute)and my Diploma in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).

I subscribe to the following code of conduct.

I promise, whenever possible, to: -

- Treat you with absolute dignity, respect and honesty.

- Always conduct myself with integrity, responsibility and accountability.

- Always attend all meetings on time.

- Always be prepared for your coaching call.

- Treat all information relating to you as confidential. I will not divulge any information about you to any third party. I will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. The Police and Legal Systems are excluded from this proviso.

- Be committed to both the spirit and letter of any agreements made with you.

- Share with you all my knowledge, skills, and experience where appropriate.

- Give you all the help, support and encouragement you need to fulfil the objectives agreed during coaching.

- Challenge any self-deceptions that hinder your progress towards your ultimate outcomes.

- Recommend the services of other institutions or professionals if appropriate to your circumstances. These services are offered without liability, obligation or redress to my practice or myself.

Name: Coaching Achievement - Nicky Michelmore

Phone: 01327 264109



Country/Area: Warwickshire, UK