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Personal Life Coaching in Colorado USA

With My Retirement By Design

I am a Certified Life Planning Retirement expert. I work with Baby Boomers on the non-financial side of retirement planning. I am also looked at as a Transitions Coach, in that I work with people in Mid-life as they travel through the journey of life, experiencing marriage, divorce, empty nesters or career change among others.

It is not unusual for people to focus so much on the money side of their future retirement years that they neglect to spend time and energy on "What will I DO for the rest of my life?" Most Baby Boomers will discover that this may be the longest transition of their life, spanning 20-30-40 years for some. If you are hoping to live the stage of life as you dream about and hope for, I strongly recommend you spend time PLANNING this important experience.

I teach, do live workshops and seminars, run teleclasses (via the telephone from anywhere in the world) as well as individual, couple and group coaching. I have monthly ezine/newsletter that you may subscribe to by signing up on my website at:

Let's work on this together and create a lifestyle that you deserve!

Name: My Retirement By Design

Phone: 720-922-1201



Country/Area: Colorado USA