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Personal Life Coaching in Based In Winchester, Hampshire, But Coach Anywhere English Speaking!

With Michael Scott

OPTIMAL LIFE: Stand out from the crowd.
Life Coaching » Deep transformational change » Energy therapy. 

Inspiring and motivating.
Contact me at:, Skype: optimal-life, +44 7786 620739,, Twitter: @optimallife,

I work mainly by telephone and Skype so geographical location not a barrier.

My mission is to:
-provide the highest quality coaching and therapy services to all of my clients. Through strong listening, challenging and understanding enables us to work optimally together to enhance energy, balance and gain the best life you can possibly live.
-to unconditionally support all of my clients in their desire to change.
- work with my clients in deep, lasting transformational change, not a quick fix.

Selected testimonial:
"Michael has an uncanny ability to understand people and coach them with ease and incredible effectiveness. I base this on having witnessed his coaching skills first hand. He uses techniques and approaches such as EFT and NLP with a high level of skill and professionalism. This means that anyone working with him will have coach of rare quality."

~Peter Delves, training consultant, clinical hypnotherapist and pioneer in Meridian Energy Therapies, Nov. 2010

Name: Michael Scott

Phone: 07786620739



Country/Area: Based In Winchester, Hampshire, But Coach Anywhere English Speaking!