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Personal Life Coaching in North London UK

With Looking At You – Personal Coaching

The 'Looking At You' way of coaching is just that, looking at you. It is me helping you to look at yourself, and discovering new and more fun and effective ways of going about your life. Awareness is always high on the agenda in coaching with me. Learning to see and know ourselves is an ongoing, lifelong, never-ending, fascinating and amazing journey, as far as I'm concerned. Looking at what holds you back and what interferes with perfect balance and harmony in your life; looking at how you are operating and what beliefs are ruling your life, will give you a handle on how you can change things for the better. Acquiring the tools to do this will make your life much more interesting and enjoyable.

A feeling of success in life comes from being able to know and accept who you are, and being able to express who you are. That is what my coaching is based on. It is a gentle (and yet very effective) process of looking at your beliefs and thoughts, your personal environment, and the way you express yourself in dressing yourself. Of course, those areas are intertwined and they overlap, but usually you will have one area that stands out as needing the most attention, so that will be the place to start.

For more information, go to the relevant pages on, and give me a call or contact me via email. I am a qualified and experienced coach, based in North London, and a member of the International Coach Federation. I do most of my coaching sessions on the phone so I can work with clients from all over the world.

Name: Looking At You – Personal Coaching

Phone: 020 8343 4373



Country/Area: North London UK