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Personal Life Coaching in Weybridge

With Lisa Parkes

'Lisa Parkes Life Coaching helps you realise your full potential and squeeze every drop of life from it. This is achieved with positive motivation, support, passion and empathy in abundance.

Among her clients are people who:-
- want to make changes to their life but feel stuck
- want confidence to face their fears and anxieties
- want to conquer addicitive or unhealthy behaviours
- want more energy and to lead a healthier lifestyle
- want to enhance their close relationships
- want more time to do the things they enjoy for themselves
- want to improve their parenting skills /understand their children.

Lisa is also a Child Coach, who specialises in helping children with self-confidence. Her expertise includes decision making, forming healthy relationships, handling pressure, assertiveness, developing good values and a positive attitude. Her toolbox for getting the best out of your kids includes creativity, games, music interpretation and practical activities.  Lisa says, ‘When we feel good about ourselves, we are solid in our foundations, and that makes dealing with life's little hiccups a lot easier.' Lisa has helped children overcome anxiety, deal with autism, cope with exam stress and the struggle with school work and bullying.


Having experienced many of life's challenges, I possess a natural ability to connect and understand others. I will adopt a way of working with you that feels comfortable and together we will look at the choices available, so we can take appropriate action. Our energy and enthusiasm will spur us on to get to where we need to be. Our commitment and desire to succeed will make this a powerful partnership to be reckoned with.

I am accredited by the Association for Coaching and also a member of the Complimentary Medical Association. I operate under a strict ‘Code of Ethics and Good Practice’ which means I always have the best interests of my clients at the heart of everything I do.

You really do have all the answers inside of you, so stop thinking....and start living!!! '

Here what one client said about Lisa ‘She is an angel. I look forward to my sessions and seeing her on a regular basis helps me. I’ve worked hard and it’s worth it. Lisa emanates a loveliness and warmth that not many people have. It’s infectious and makes her a great Coach!’

Name: Lisa Parkes

Phone: 07810 540242



Country/Area: Weybridge