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Personal Life Coaching in UK, Cheshire

With Ledell Ltd, Linda Lunn

I am a HR Consultant and a practising Life Coach-my life coach web site is easy and simple to navigate and will give you more details. If you feel its time to do that something which has eluded you, or something you keep putting off, or even a dream which you think is fabulous, but dreams are for everyone else not me! Think again. Unless you have the courage and support, dreams can seem just that, a dream. A life coach is invaluable, some say they act as your conscience and challenge where those close to you will not, or at least not in an objective manner. I am a highly qualified professional (Chartered FCIPD) and a member of the International Coach Federation, having undertaken both diploma and certificate in Life Coaching studies. Click onto the web site for a free consultation....get ready - your life is about to change!

Name: Ledell Ltd, Linda Lunn

Phone: 07770321952



Country/Area: UK, Cheshire