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With LifeWise Coaching

As you are already aware Life & Business Coaches come in all shapes and sizes; make all kinds of offers; and vary considerably in their experience and ability. Naturally you'll want to do all you can to ensure that you decide to work with the right one yourself.

Given the above criteria let me briefly introduce myself to you and then it is up to you to decide if you would like to work with me as your coach.

I've lots of experience of life as I am 55 years old, married and have two children, so hopefully know a little about relationships! I was not born a success, in fact because of my parents constant moving I attended nine different schools the result of this bad schooling was that I left without gaining any qualifications. Today, however, it could be said that I have more letters after my name than found in the English alphabet! From having to re-take A level English no less than nine times before passing, I am now an internationally published author; professional speaker; Faculty member of Noble Manhattan Ltd, and have well over 1,000 hours of coaching experience.

I am the hardest person that I have ever had to work on BUT if I can change I KNOW for certain that you can. For the past seven years I have been sharing many of my insights that lead to success in articles in Personal Excellence magazine which is published in the USA other contributors include:- Anthony Robins, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Peter Senge, and George W. Bush, just to mention a few. You can purchase copies of my first book Make Your Walls Tumble from WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK

There are many ways in which I can serve you in helping you to achieve more from your career, relationships and life.

- I can help provide an objective sounding-board so you can discover what really is important to you.
- I can motivate and encourage you to become the person you have always dreamed of becoming but have not known how.
- I can lead you in fostering the Seven Habits of Success outlined by Dr. Stephen R. Covey.
- I can guide you in discovering your own strengths and weaknesses.
- I can seek to facilitate developing a greater balance in all areas of your life and career.
- I can help foster the cultivation of your character and spiritual understanding of life.
- I can instruct you in gaining and exercising personal discernment, and understand key areas of wisdom for effective living.

Discover for yourself what my clients find so helpful in engaging me as their coach. Most find honesty, positivity, creativity, authenticity, acceptance.

For Life or Business Coaching please contact me for an initial free consultation to discuss your current needs.

Rev Dr John Clements,
Lifewise Coaching,
Metanoia House,
9 Timothy Close,
NR1 4NG.

Here are just a few samples of endorsements:-

John Clements has an extraordinary understanding of inspiration and personal development that everyone should heed to enhance a more fulfilled, happy and prosperous future. Richard Denny, President, Richard Denny Organisation.

John instinctively knows how to get the best from every situation as communicating his ideas and beliefs in such a way as to make the impossible seem possible. I urge everyone to take up the challenge. Alessandro M. Forte, MLIA (dip) MinsD, MDRT, Managing Director, Forte Financial Ltd.

I have known John Clements for over twenty-five years. He is an original: never once have I known him to sink into the dull uniformity that characterizes so many people in our mindless culture. John radiated an inner energy that stems from being in touch with his own creativity, and he loves to help others discover this secret for themselves. Rev Ray Simpson, Guardian of the Community of Aiden & Hilda, author Soul Friend and many other Celtic titles.

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