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Personal Life Coaching in Sheffield

With Kay Gill

Many people come to coaching thinking they just want to make specific changes to one area of their lives such as get a new job, a new partner, a new body...

My question here is why?

What are they searching for? If youíre not happy with your work, partner or self, changing the external thing is surely simply papering over the cracks? It seems pointless making changes that donít align with who you really are. I believe all authentic change must come from the inside and as we make changes within ourselves all areas of our lives will also change.

Uncovering the real authentic you is how I work. Together we will uncover your own passions and goals -not someone else's 'shoulds' you've picked up along the way. Michael Neill calls it 'Supercoaching' Ė to me it's simply common sense thatís maybe not so common.

My coaching covers all aspects of your life but simply put, it will reduce the stress of living a life being afraid of who you might be and replacing it with the knowledge of who you really are. Once you know this you can live a life of relaxed authentic happiness, aiming for goals that really float your boat.

I'm excited.... are you?

Training, Qualifications & Experience

Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (Distinction)
Advanced Coaching Diploma
NLP Practitioner (accredited by ANLP)
Graduate of Anthony Robbins Mastery University
Graduate of University of Hard Knocks - currently doing further research for next level honours!

I am also a highly skilled, qualified Clinical Sports Massage Therapist.

OK - so these qualifications are great but what really qualifies me to be your coach? Here's what I think...
I am passionate about people and how the human mind works
I believe in you and your potential even when you don't
I have a great sense of humour
I work from the basis that coaching is fun with a serious intent!
I love uncovering perfect peanuts from M&M's

Name: Kay Gill

Phone: 0114 2556874



Country/Area: Sheffield