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Personal Life Coaching in South Of England

With Karin Hannemann

As a life coach I take a holistic view on life. As my client, your priorities become my priorities, and we focus on what is important and right for you. Together we untangle your life, take stock of what is there and what you would like to be there. We then devise a plan, which enables you to take control of your life and find the balance you need to enjoy life and perform to your best ability.

Find out who you really are.

Find out what really motivates you.

Find out what really brings meaning to your life.

Find out what has been holding you back.

Find out how to overcome obstacles.

Be you and enjoy life to the fullest.

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Name: Karin Hannemann

Phone: 0044 - (0)1202 - 396 160


Website: N/A

Country/Area: South Of England