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Personal Life Coaching in Durham City UK

With Joanna Cooper

Joanna Cooper is an ICF registered Life Coach working in the Tyne and Wear area.

Her early experience was in Youth and Community work, and Drug and Alcohol Addictions counselling. She has worked as a learning mentor in Durham schools, and more recently has been involved in counselling young carers and Durham University Students.

What is Life Coaching?
To put it simply, Life Coaching is a series of challenging conversations happening within a definite structure.
The focus of the conversation will be the client and their situation.
The coach will actively listen to the client to help the client reach the heart of the matter.
The client is in charge of the conversation and the job of the coach is to follow and reflect back to the client for the purpose of enabling the client's self learning.
During the course of these conversations, the client will gain greater personal insight, to enable them to seek an effective long lasting change leading to achievement of their own personal goals.

Who benefits from Coaching?
The answer is anyone. Some people seek out a Coach because they would like some space to think about a life change, for example; retirement, Job change, bereavement, divorce, empty nest, change in health. Coaching can benefit young people, as well as adults.It is not age or gender specific. The focus of each session is the client.

Name: Joanna Cooper

Phone: 07557981768



Country/Area: Durham City UK