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Personal Life Coaching in Europe

With Jessica McGregor Johnson Design Your Life

Life Fulfilment Coaching with Jessica McGregor Johnson

My clients come from many different walks of life and career paths. It doesn't depend on what you do right now but rather on what is happening in your life, how you feel about your life. You may feel that something has to change but are not sure how. Or perhaps you have a feeling of discontent, something not quite right, maybe frustration; that something is missing from your life.

This may be blatantly obvious: you hate your job, have a lousy social life, feel unappreciated, feel lonely in the world, don't feel like you fit in. These are specific areas that are crying out for change. It could also be more invisible, that there is a nagging feeling that something is missing from your life but you don't know what. From the outside everything looks great, you might have a high profile career, be doing something that seems to have true purpose. Your friends may think that you have life together; that you have a great job, nice abundant life, and yet there is an underlying feeling that life could definitely be improved upon. A large inner hole exists. Life is not fulfilling. It might be difficult to admit, even to yourself that things aren't as you really want them to be; you might feel almost guilty that you crave change. But you do.

Whichever scenario, or maybe one in between, I work with you to get back in touch with your personal values, to touch in with who you are without the exterior trimmings or validation. Building from that point we start to identify what would really enable you to be fulfilled from within. Then we go and create it.

Life coaching is a process of helping people achieve success in any area of life. It inspires confidence and the ability to move forward in a positive manner and break down the barriers and old patterns that prevent change. It is about manifesting deepest desires and dreams. Not only that but as the coach I give undivided truthful attention and have no personal agenda to interfere with decisions. This process will encompass all of the senses, - mind, heart, emotions, health and spiritual life. It is working towards a more complete expression of self. Life coaching changes lives; there is no question about that fact. Whatever the change you will find that you have the ability to be more alive, more complete and more fulfilled than ever before.

Do you have:

* a readiness to take responsibility for your life?
* an eagerness for change and willingness to embrace whatever that means?
* courage to go outside the comfort zone and try new things?
* an inquiring mind and awareness of yourself or at least a willingness to learn?
* a determination to move past fears and create the life you want?

Are you ready to take the step to start living the life you want?

Then contact me for a free introductory session where we can identify the starting gate to your new life, and step through it.

To arrange a free introductory session please feel free to call me on +34 958 593 639 or email your details to, plus a couple of good times for me to a call you (either on your landline or by skype) and we can arrange a time. For more information take a look at my website at I am also available on skype, my skype name is jessicamcgj.

Name: Jessica McGregor Johnson - Design Your Life

Phone: +34 958 639 593



Country/Area: Europe