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Personal Life Coaching in Richmond

With Jan Lonnen

As a fully qualified Coach and NLP Practitioner, I have 14 years experience in coaching, training and mentoring individuals in various industries ranging from the education sector, media, manufacturing, retail, the coaching industry through to developing the management & business skills within SMEs, in particular micro to small businesses.

Starting a career in the education sector as a trainer, assessor and verifier I always knew that I wanted to support people to be the best that they can be, whether that is within their personal life or career ambitions. Even before I knew what coaching was I was applying the techniques within my daily life with friends, family and the teams I managed.

I am passionate about people and even more so when people get what they want out of life. No one likes to feel overwhelmed with situations and not able to find the strategies that work for them to move forwards. I love seeing my clients' faces once they have a breakthrough and everything suddenly becomes clear.

Whilst running my own coaching business I also assess and mentor individuals that are on their journey to become qualified as a Coach with The Coaching Academy. This is a very rewarding role that allows me to share my expertise on many levels.
So if you find yourself wondering where your zest for life has gone, then Limoncello Coaching is a great starting point to dig out that hidden treasure within you!

Name: Jan Lonnen

Phone: 07970 781559



Country/Area: Richmond