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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Fresh Look Experience

Gill Shaw runs Fresh-look Experience. She has been helping private individuals and executives to revitalise their vision and motivation, at home, at work, in relationships and at sport for 3 years and has clocked more than 1000 hours of paid for coaching. She is a member of ANLP (Association of NLP) and TLTA (Time Line Therapy Association).

Gill has worked for 25 years in blue chip companies all over the UK, and comes from Troon in Ayrshire although lives and works in Twickenham. She works with people who are stuck or confused, seeking motivation, purpose and direction.

She is a Master in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Practitioner in Time Line (TM) Therapy. This is the study of subjective experience, the structure of how we make sense of our world and interact in it. its emotional intelligence.

NLP can effect change quickly, so often few sessions are required to achieve your result.

Name: Fresh-Look Experience

Phone: 020 8744 0009



Country/Area: London