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Personal Life Coaching in UK/ East Midlands/ Lincolnshire

With Eventum Coaching And Change Ltd

“I am passionate about working with individuals going through transition in their life, career, relationships, in order to encourage greater clarity, control, choice and responsibility.”

Gwen’s style is pragmatic and collaborative, yet challenging. She aims to provide the right balance of support to stretch individuals beyond their comfort zones, enabling learning and growth to take place. Gwen believes that enhancing an individual’s awareness of their strengths and behaviour helps to build confidence, motivation and new ways of thinking which in turn enables greater clarity, control, choice and responsibility.

In addition, Gwen frequently uses a variety of psychometric tools and 360 degree feedback with clients who are keen to build up a more complete picture of their style, approach, behaviours and areas for improvement. These tools help to stimulate discussion and thought and are aimed at those clients who want a more targeted development and/or action plan as well as those who simply want to understand more about “what makes them tick”.

Gwen’s clients come from a variety of backgrounds and seek support with a number of different issues such as preparing for a career change; starting a new job; new managers; improving relationships; redundancy, retirement, work and personal change events; building confidence; improving performance; managing people.

Gwen’s background is in local government, and she has over 20 years management experience. An experienced coach who has coached across the public and private sectors since 2003, Gwen regularly uses insights from her change management consultancy work and personal experience to support and enhance her approach. She holds a number of recognised coaching qualifications including the ILM’s Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching. Enthusiastic about ongoing learning, Gwen undertakes regular supervision and continuous professional development to reflect on her practice and develop her skills.

Gwen offers coaching by telephone, online and face to face.

Finding the right coach is an essential factor in the success of any coaching programme. Feel free to call Gwen on 07900 987162 for a no obligation chat to see whether coaching could help you.

What Others Have Said About Gwen

When I commenced the series of coaching sessions, I had little or no expectation. After the first session I was pleasantly surprised at what could potentially be achieved and gave some thought to topics that I could use in our future sessions.
By the end of the series (and they finished faster than I would have liked), I felt I had achieved a lot. The burning issues that I had to tackle had been thought through, discussed, questioned and action taken to steer events in the right direction for me. I think this is what surprised me the most, that so much could be achieved when you had someone provoking you to get things done and sorted out. I consider myself a self-starter and action person. I definitely want to see results. This experience guided me in the right direction faster than I could have anticipated. I have grown as a manager of people during this process.
Gwen’s attitude was down to earth. She gave me choices in what to talk about and how I wanted to be treated. She helped me recognise my own failings in an empathetic way without letting me feel I had in any way failed. She gave me the time I needed and did not hurry or push me to do anything. Our sessions were both humorous and enlightening.
I would highly recommend Gwen Booth to anyone wanting to embark on a coaching experience.
(Training and Development Manager)

Gwen has enabled me to achieve a step change in my personal development and as a result I am much more able to manage myself and my teams.
In June 08 I was awarded the Chief Executives Award for Leadership. Gwen’s help was central to this achievement and I could not have done it without the coaching programme. In my opinion her service was perfect and I would highly recommend her coaching service to anyone”
(Manager, Local Government)

Having never entered into a personal coaching arrangement, I didn't quite know what to expect except that the prospect of sharing personal reflections with a third party was a little scary! However, Gwen soon allayed any such concerns and in three sessions, coached me through a range of personal and career thought issues, helping me identify my priorities and formulate a personal development plan. A challenging yet supportive process - very worthwhile.
(Manager, Private Sector) might recall that I had applied for a headship position in Australia - well the news is that I was offered the post last week - which is a huge step up even from this position..... offer belated thanks for your own role in getting me to think and behave more like a Head of School than I thought possible. Virtually all the questions in the interview were 'leadership' questions about values, philosophy, strategy etc - and actually very little about my own research etc. which is what the other candidates were I think expecting to get asked. The feedback I got was that I actually sounded like a HOS - which is definitely where the coaching came in! This is a very exciting opportunity, and I have doubled my package in the bargain....
(Head of School, University)

Name: Eventum Coaching And Change Ltd

Phone: 07900 987162



Country/Area: UK/ East Midlands/ Lincolnshire