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Personal Life Coaching in South West London, England

With Dr.Tania Abdulezer

I work with people who recognise when they get in the way of themselves and their process - creatively, professionally and personally - and want to be supported in getting the best out of themselves.

I work with people in the area of performance, health and fitness, relationships, career transitions, creative process and almost always exploring relationship with self.

Some of the benefits of an enhanced relationship with self are:

- taking yourself seriously

- getting out of your own way

- creating space and time for yourself and others

- improving the quality of your relationships with others

- achieving the goals you set for yourself

- improving your health, fitness and finances

How would you like to get out of your own way?
What will that do for you?

When I coach I am being real, curious, supportive, intuitive and challenging.

I am a certified NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)Coach.

I am also a registered medical practitioner and a UKCP Accredited NLP Psychotherapist.

Name: Dr.Tania Abdulezer

Phone: 07768 278 654


Website: N/A

Country/Area: South-West London, England