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Personal Life Coaching in Germany

With Claudia Baier

You can find my mission, vision and purpose on the website

My Bio:
- Certified Professional (Freedom, Purpose & Turnaround) Coach (2010 Certification)
- German MBA equivalent
- Certified EFT Practitioner Level I (EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique)
- Author of "The Odd One OutStanding Career Strategy" (available on amazon kindle and
- Approved Marketplace Writer on the international knowledge base
- Speaker and Moderator of Online/Tele and Face2Face Workshops
- Volunteering at Tony Robbins Events, Veterans, Downey School District Aspire Program working with kids
- Currently giving workshops at Selaco, Magnolia Ave Elementary School (for parents), Loyola Marymount University
- Coached people from all over the world incl. Mexico, USA, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, India, Peru, UK, Germany, and more.
- Clients included Small Business Owners, Students, Engineers, Seniors, Unemployed, People in Helping and Healing Professions, Sales People, Veterans, Coaches, Consultants, and more.
- Last Position at VMware International Ireland: President's Club Award within the first 6 months in the company.
- My mission: Empowering the perceived underdogs, future and present heroes and saviors!

Main topics of my coaching: Successful Small Business Development (Strategy, Marketing), Creating Abundance/Wealth, Creating a Happy and Fulfilled Relationship, Creating a strong and energy-filled body, Creating the Ideal Career, Approaching and Wowing the employers, Getting the Offer for the Position you want, Excelling and feeling motivated in your career every day, Feeling your full potential is activated, Fulfilling your 6 Human Needs in Exciting and Empowering Ways, Repel self-sabotage, procrastination, etc.

I offer one-on-one coaching via phone, skype, messenger or face 2 face. I offer group coaching in workshop or seminar format on a regular basis online, on the phone or face 2 face.

I also created THE ODD ONE OUTSTANDING CAREER STRATEGY Program which you can find on I am also regularly giving speaking engagements such as with schools or employment service companies.

I have worked with people from all different continents and in the following industries: IT, Advertising, Sales, Engineers, Coaches, QA Specialists, Teachers, Kids, and more.

Name: Claudia Baier

Phone: 001-323-319-5159



Country/Area: Germany