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Personal Life Coaching in Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield

With Clare Manning

Rediscover the real you the one who knows who they are, what they believe in and what they want in life. The one who feels happy, confident and motivated. The one who embraces new beginnings and shines at everything they do.

Imagine how much you can achieve and how successful you can be when you know you are great at what you do, you trust your intuition and you believe in your own capability.

I am constantly delighted by the transformation that happens for people during my coaching sessions. I love the way it puts you back in the centre of your life and fills you with an ongoing sense of excitement. As your coach I will:

Provide a reflective space where you can enjoy special time for you, resolve issues you are struggling with and plan for the future

Ask questions that help you find the answers and solutions that lie within you

Challenge beliefs or assumptions that may be holding you back

Give you effective tools to help you practice new ways of thinking and behaving eg:

Move from feeling anxious to calm; doubtful to confident; indifferent to excited and to be able to summon up your desired state on demand
View things from a completely different perspective, unlock new insights and improve your relationship with others
Break unhelpful habits and build new ones that help you move forward
Stop negative thoughts and encourage new, kind, supportive ones instead
Help you learn from past experiences and build a stronger sense of self as a result

Help you work out what really matters to you in life

Identify clear goals that you really want and can achieve in all aspects of your life

Help you plan and stay motivated as you take the steps to get you there

I would love to hear from you so please do give me a call on 07751 905217 and we can plan how coaching will work for you.

Clare Manning

Name: Clare Manning

Phone: 07751 905217



Country/Area: Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield