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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Clara Seeger ('SELF')

With a diverse background ranging from teaching and academia (language teaching and PhD in literature/philosophy) to investment banking (equity sales) I went into coaching because I wanted to deal with people as multi-faceted individuals, not just intellectually as students or commercially as investors. For me, coaching is one of the few professional relationships, if not the only, where you treat the client as a fully fledged human being.

Mission statement

We could all be successful and confident individuals if it were not for fears and circumstances preventing us from fulfilling our potential! I will work with you on removing anything that is stopping you from living a fuller, happier life.

Specialist areas:

- Self-confidence

- Work-life balance

- Presentation skills

- Cross-cultural issues (also available in German or Greek)

- Coaching in Education (coaching-style teaching/learning)

Client Base

I can and like working with anybody - from students to corporate executives - who is committed to exploring their hidden potential in order to become who they really are.


'Clara really helped me see myself as a talented and worthy individual - she has made me feel like a million dollars and everybody around me has noticed a huge improvement in the way I come across! Thanks!!'

'Thanks for helping me face all these issues I've been avoiding for so long.. As well focus on a clear vision for my future!'

'Without your support and constructive practical approach I would never have embarked on my second BA to become a lawyer - you made me see that I could achieve anything I set my heart on!'

Name: Clara Seeger ('SELF')

Phone: +44 (0) 7884 111 482



Country/Area: London