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Personal Life Coaching in Croydon, London

With Chris Paul

Personal coaching focusses on what you want to achieve. It also helps you deal with difficult times in your life, periods of change or uncertainty. This might include:

-Finding purpose and fulfilment day to day
-Exploring and discovering solutions for difficult situations
-Making personal or professional choices
-Finding the balance between work, family and self
-Removing blocks to your own development and happiness

Our coaching can help develop:

-Increased drive and enjoyment
-Better balance between mind, body and emotion
-Improved awareness of self, others and behaviour patterns
-Learning focussed on how to do things better
-Flexible attitudes that deal better with change

What we offer:

We start with a free telephone session of half an hour, which explores what you want and how our coaching service can help you.

We recommend an initial programme of six sessions to explore what you want to achieve and help you create a personal action plan. Depending on circumstances and your preference, these sessions can be face to face, by telephone, or through Skype.

Face to face sessions last one hour, are held in a place of your choice, and cost 45.

Telephone and Skype sessions last forty five minutes, and cost 25.

Contact to discuss your specific requirements, or call 07515 759 587.

We follow the AoEC codes of Practice and Ethics, available on request.

Name: Chris Paul

Phone: 0751 575 9587



Country/Area: Croydon, London