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Personal Life Coaching in UK London

With Charlotte Burton Vital Life Coaching & Development Career Coaching


Do you want to wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work?

The average person spends over one third of their life at work and has 3 career changes during that time - there is no such thing as a 'job for life' anymore.

Your fulfilment at work is vital - and too important to leave to chance.

Using a variety of tools, including Psychometric tests where suitable, you can discover your unique talents and abilities and improve upon your strengths and weaknesses: be that confidence in presenting, emotional intelligence in work relationships or efficiency in time management, among many other vital skills which employers want to see.

If you are:
- a student still unsure of what career to choose
- a graduate looking to be selected for that dream position
- not enjoying your job and wondering what to do about it
- thinking about starting a business and not certain whether you have the head for business
- wanting true work life balance but don't know where to begin
please call or visit the website to find out about how coaching can help.

I offer a special one month trial where you can experience the value of coaching first hand. Please see the website for details.

Client List : Students, Graduates, Professionals, Small Business Owners

Client Testimonials : "Having Charlotte Burton as a life coach during my job search was helpful and constructive in enabling me to realise that I could remain focussed on looking for work but could at the same time acknowledge to myself that I had a life to lead and enjoy: one didn't preclude the other" J, London

Qualifications : BSc Psychology (Hons) Level A Psychometric Testing (British Psychological Society) Fundamentals and Intermediate courses with the Coaches Training Institute

Languages : English, French

Expertises : Personal Creative Self Goal setting Motivation Self confidence and self esteem building Setting up a new business Time management Whole life Women's lifestyle Work/life balance

Professional Career planning Goal Setting Job Search Managing change Motivation Professional relationships Self confidence and self esteem building Setting up a new business Time management Work/life balance

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Name: Charlotte Burton - Vital Life Coaching & Development - Career Coaching

Phone: 020 7837 5419



Country/Area: UK - London