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Personal Life Coaching in GB

With Cathryn Hindle

I am a life coach working with business professionals throughout Sussex, with offices in Brighton and Horsham.

The benefits that you can achieve with life coaching really depend on what is important to you, but some of the areas I work on include:

- Helping to increase your confidence and assertiveness
- Helping you to control your work-life balance
- Helping you to manage your workload through effective time management
- Providing you with the support, encouragement and motivation that you need to make life changing decisions
- Helping you to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be
- Providing mapped out steps for you to follow to help improve your life
- Being able to hit the ground running when starting a new job or venture

During your life coaching, we will take a look at what is holding you back, what is missing, what worries you have or what issues are causing you stress. We will take the time to explore what is important to you and what you really enjoy, who you are and what your unique talents are.

We then put all the pieces together to look at what you really want in life. We explore options for the way forward and map out steps for you to follow. Throughout the whole process, I provide the tools, support, inspiration and motivation to help you get to where you want to be.

Investing in yourself will be the most beneficial and rewarding move you can make to help you lead the life you want to lead.

Name: Cathryn Hindle

Phone: 01403-793790



Country/Area: GB