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Personal Life Coaching in Kent

With Carrie Muir

Enlighten U Coaching is dedicated to helping you become the very best that you can be. We have worked with people from all walks of life and all backgrounds helping them define what it is they want to change in their lives and then through a process of personal one to one coaching tailored to your needs we ensure that you achieve the change you desire. More than that, we not only ensure you achieve the change but that it is sustainable for you.

We know we have succeeded only when you no longer need us.

Our compassionate, caring yet challenging(when necessary)service ensure you will gain from working with us no matter your past or history. We accept you as you are and with you.

Enlighten U coaching guarantees to deliver the changes you seek in a warm supportive and fun atmosphere that makes your change seem almost effortless.
Whether it be helping you release shackles from your past or defining the career or relationship you would love to be living. Your success is our business. Simply put YOU matter.

Name: Carrie Muir

Phone: 01622 681934



Country/Area: Kent