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With Carol McLachlan Coaching Limited is a specialised coaching service designed to support accountants in tapping into their own inherent resources to maximise their personal and career success.. It is run by ex Ernst & Young chartered accountant and coach, Carol McLachan,. who can show you that it is often the very smallest changes that can make a really big differences to achieving your potential.

You're a busy accountant over-committed, under pressure, daily challenged, in an environment of increasing technical complexity. You want to find ways to work and play smarter. You long to fulfil your potential in all aspects of your life and work. You want to take control of your career. Or skill up for the next career move. How do you find the time to think about any of this?

Who do you turn to when you want to bounce ideas, share your aspirations? Who can provide a new perspective, a listening ear, a sounding board? Who can help you make the best of the opportunities you already have, while planning the next move? You need someone independent of your current career, non-judgement and wholly confidential.

The solution: working one-to-one with theaccountantscoach to set goals, take action, max your performance. This is much more than Life Coaching. Drawing on a long Top 4 accountancy career, both as a practising professional and developing other accountants, theaccountantscoach is the only independent to specialise in coaching the accounting profession across the globe. Using cutting edge techniques, drawing on extensive skills from personal experience in the profession, applying certified coaching expertise, you can have a bespoke coaching programme designed to meet your unique needs.

Free one hour taster. Choose between face to face, telephone or the innovative e-coaching programme.

Imagine what you could achieve, working one-to-one with a coach, focussed 100% on your goals,, your actions, your results....Email now to book your FREE session.

Carol McLachlan BA(Hons) FCA, Chartered Accountant NLP Practitioner Results Coach

What the clients say

"I found Carol's coaching style tremendously helpful to build confidence and to make important decisions in an effective and sustainable way."

"I now realise the talents and skills that I have The encouragement and support received from my coaching discussions has made me feel 100% more confident in doing the job that I do."

Name: Carol McLachlan Coaching Limited

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