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Personal Life Coaching in South East, UK

With Caroline Rushforth

Do you constantly compare yourself to everyone around you?

§  Do you feel lost or unable to maintain a sense of happiness?

§  Do you feel left behind when others are moving forward more quickly?

You feel:

§  de-motivated and don’t know where your life is taking you

§  like a robot, running on empty and lacking control of where your life or business is taking you

§  you are constantly coming up against barriers and obstacles, nothing really seems to be going your way

§  you feel lost and lacking focus, direction and motivation in your daily life

§  you put a mask on most days, pretending to the world that you are FINE!

It’s good to know that there are many others out there feeling exactly the same and some of them will decide to take action, make a change, and create the life they deeply deserve. Many others don’t.

Those who don’t, generally live intensely un-fulfilling lives, usually spending most of their time trying to please others, living in the shadows of other people and losing out on all the wonderful opportunities that could bring them much joy and happiness.

Everyone deserves to live a happy and fulfilling life. Our body, mind and soul loves to be deeply nourished through our own personal growth and development. We are all here to expand and succeed which can be achieved through absolute pleasure, so why put yourself through pain and unhappiness?

As a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach I can take you on your journey of self discovery, I will lead you down the windy roads and support you as you cross the bridge to your new life, perspective, vision.


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“I realised that my body size was holding me back from achieving a career I had been contemplating for a long while but never in a million years thought I would be able to achieve. Caroline helped me to overcome my fears and branch out of my comfort zone to live in the ‘here and now’. Just by journaling my thoughts and knowing I had Caroline’s full support I was/am able to make time for myself.”

Nikki, UK

“I was recommended Caroline’s services by someone I knew and it was the best thing I have done this year! Caroline steered me in the right direction with some thought provoking ideas and recommendations – she made me think about myself and my goals in ways I had never done before, which helped me beyond belief.  She introduced me to the concept of Time Line therapy, which helped me look at my past, present and future, and enabled me to move forward with positivity and desire to succeed in my new career.  I gained confidence and self belief which I had lost and this was largely thanks to how Caroline guided me to think about myself and my objectives in life. Thanks Caroline!”

Catherine, UK

“Caroline helped me find direction and specify what it was I was trying to achieve. She was then able to guide me through the first hurdles/ targets that I wanted to set and complete and checked up on me to find out how I was doing. Over 6 sessions she helped to keep me on track, always setting new targets and deadlines. Thank you Caroline, my business is up and running and I have some new skills in my head to help keep me organised.”

Michelle, UK

“Caroline is a truly inspirational coach and mentor. Through her compassion, honesty and solution based approach to working with those in need, she has truly made a positive impact.”

Martin, UK


Contact me for an Insight Session

Contact me for Discovery Coaching

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Name: Caroline Rushforth

Phone: 07881998816



Country/Area: South East, UK