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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Cali Bird

Cali specialises in "excavating"; long-lost goals, dreams and aspirations and working with her clients to find a way for them to work towards their goals alongside their current responsibilities. She particularly enjoys working with creative people who are not currently begin creative and, through time management techniques, facilitates a way for them to build a regular creative practice. Cali is no stranger to juggling creative tasks and business responsibilities as she wrote a novel whilst working part-time as an IT consultant. Cali is a qualified Chartered Accountant and prior to coaching has spent eighteen years in business working in Investment Banking and more recently as a trainer and IT specialist. She has now achieved her life's desire to work in the personal development field as a coach, writer and inspirational speaker. Her coaching practice is called "Lead The Life You Want To Lead" and she is re! ady to help you achieve this.

Name: Cali Bird

Phone: 020 7401 2633



Country/Area: London