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Personal Life Coaching in USA/FL

With Corrie J. Rakvin, M.S. Life Coach/Consultant/Mentor

Corrie J. Rakvin, MS, Life Coach, Consultant, Mentor, Psychologist, ADHD Coach, Owner, Webmaster and Designer of A Brighter Tomorrow, Writer-Author, Human Development and Parent Educator.

A Brighter Tomorrow is located in Gainesville, Florida. However, our services include coaching formats: in person, by telephone, by email, through chat sessions, on site trainings, keynotes and presentations.

Personal and/or Motivational Life Coaching is an effective source of support providing you information, advice and guided self-help ... from an experienced professional ... as you begin your personal journey of self-discovery.

We specialize in these areas:

. Executives and Professionals under too much stress
. Creative types who want to be challenged to create more
. Life and Career Skills for Adults and Teens
. Depression, Anxiety and stress
. Family Disputes/Obstacles
. Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder (ADHD -all types)
. Resolve unnecessary concerns about the past or future
. Self-Esteem/Self-Image
. Turn Everyday frustrations into Challenges
. Help one gain personal control over everything in YOUR life!

Name: Corrie J. Rakvin, M.S. Life Coach/Consultant/Mentor

Phone: 1+352-514-3941



Country/Area: USA/FL