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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Anne Hellgren

I work with private and business clients on a one to one basis in various capacities. These range from NLP coaching, Life coaching, and Time Line Therapy®. In many cases, a combination of coaching and Time Line Therapy® will be used if it is in the clients best interest. I work with my clients to help them overcome a variety of problems, as well as help them become a better version of themselves through self-improvement and development coaching.
Depending on the client’s needs, the sessions and interventions are tailor-made to suit you.

Some of the areas my clients see me for include:

• Be free from limiting beliefs and have the confidence to go for what they want
• Get rid of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, guilt, hurt, anxiety
• Get more focus, direction, and purpose
• Create effective decision-making strategies
• Feel more confident, positive and optimistic
• Get rid of phobias or negative habits
• Set and achieve goals
• Be better communicators
• Review their career options and get clarity on career direction
• Clarify their values and understand what is important to them
• Achieve a good work-life balance
• Be the people they want to be and live more fulfilled lives

Anne is certified NLP Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner. She is also accredited by and a registered member of American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and of Time Line Therapy® Association. She holds an MSc in Occupational & Organisational Psychology and a BSc in Counselling Psychology. A true believer in self-improvement, she also works as a freelance trainer for personal development courses.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact me (+44) 07983834296 or During this initial free consultation, we will discuss your needs in further detail and decide the best way forward for you.

Name: Anne Hellgren

Phone: 07983834296



Country/Area: London