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Personal Life Coaching in UNITED KINGDOM

With Anastasia Stroganova

Do you want to be the designer of your own life or let life happen to you? As your coach, I'll assist you in closing the gap between 'thinking about doing' and 'actually doing'. My sole aim as a coach is to make your life better and more fulfilling.

You will especially benefit from coaching if you:

- feel like you're constantly on the treadmill and never find time for yourself
- are going through a major change in life (a new career, starting up a business, moving to a new town or country) and feel stressed and overwhelmed by not knowing what to begin with
- know what it is you want to achieve and need support and encouragement along the way
- feel bored and unmotivated and don't find life exciting and fun any more

I believe that coaching is holistic and involves all areas of life including health, wealth, career, family, social relationships, spirituality, hobbies and fun. I build a relationship with my clients based on trust, honesty and integrity and always tailor coaching to my client's individual needs and the results that they want to achieve.

Name: Anastasia Stroganova

Phone: 01483723419