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Personal Life Coaching in Gloucestershire

With Amazing People

Your future career success is too important to leave to chance.

Use the strength of psychology and coaching to understand who you are and what you want to be.

Work with a trained professional to guide you in finding your ideal career, based upon your intrinsic interests, motivational traits, personal work style, personality, values, skills, and aptitudes, not forgetting your lifetime goals.

Our clients are:

  • Students
  • Graduates
  • Career changers
  • Senior executives

They ask us questions such as:

I want to understand who I am.

We can help you uncover your abilities, interests, skills and values. Find out how your background and experiences have impacted on who you are today.

I want to decide what I want to do.

We can support you to discover your options so you can choose the right path to follow.

I need support to reach my career goals.

We can help you set yourself targets and guide you to stay on track. We'll let you know the short cut ways to get your ideal job.

Denise Taylor, Chartered Occupational Psychologist, founded Amazing People in 1999. Denise has a diploma in counselling, diploma in performance coaching, master's degrees in occupational psychology and business administration (MBA).

We publish a monthly newsletter - Love Your Job, for anyone who wants to regain the sparkle in their current job or find a new one. You can sign up via the web site.


Name: Amazing People

Phone: 01684 772 888



Country/Area: Gloucestershire